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  Sessions & Policies  



Winter Session is Open for Enrollment.

Current students must enroll for at least (2) two lessons, preferably (4) four per month by the 30th of each month to be eligible for the next month's roster.  Weekly lessons are strongly suggested.  Bi-weekly is acceptable for some students.

Once our roster is full, interested students are placed onto a waiting list and we will notify you when spots become available.



Depending on interest, we will be offering Songwriting Workshops.


Individual Songwriter Sessions now booking.

In most cases, writer and publisher splits are 51 (teacher)/49 (student).  In cases when that is not applicable, a deal memo is drafted stating the terms.  Song master ownership is solely maintained by Charlotte Martin, Inc.

Cancellation Policy

Due to limited roster availability and COVID-19, students cannot reschedule lessons unless it is a true emergency as authorized by Charlotte or Lisa.
In the event Charlotte needs to reschedule a lesson, we will make our best effort to reschedule.
Given the current climate we appreciate your continued patronage and patience

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